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Get to Know Me



Caitlan Wilber

I am a DONA-trained Postpartum Doula and owner of Sage Support.


No experience of my life has been as foundation-rattling as having my first child. My husband and I lived far from family and friends, and - like most - our family had other day-to-day responsibilities that kept them busy. Add in a (short) NICU stay, early feeding challenges, and insufficient paternity leave, and I was a mess. 


In those early days, in between visits from our mothers and sisters, I constructed a tiny village of “nice ladies” - lactation consultants, speech language pathologists, a weekly breastfeeding group, and a psychologist - to put myself back together and stabilize my daughter’s eating. 


One indispensable and entirely unexpected resource was Reddit. It was always available and filled with both kind, experienced parents and new ones white-knuckling through every night. The groups I leaned on (r/beyondthebump, r/breastfeeding, r/clothdiaps) are international, and I learned about the UK’s health visitors, Australia’s parents’ groups, China’s “doing the month”, and - finally - postpartum doulas through those parents.


I believe that our country needs significant policy changes that better support families, birthing people, and infants. In the meantime, postpartum doulas can help fill that gap. 

I went through DONA postpartum doula and breastfeeding training in January 2021, and I’m working on the final requirements to be fully certified. 


Inclusive and Evidence-Based

I am fully vaccinated and boosted with the Moderna vaccine and will mask when with your family.

I trust science and will point you to evidence-based resources whenever possible.

I believe Black Lives Matter, and I acknowledge the historical and structural inequities that make raising a BIPOC family inordinately more difficult in this country.

I am welcoming and affirming of all LGBTQIA+ families.

I believe that under-resourced families should have access to postpartum doula services and work on a sliding scale.


A postpartum doula’s role is to respond to the unique needs of your family and child, but I have extensive lived experience that I can draw upon when working with you.


  • I have breastfed and supplemented with formula.

  • I have exclusively pumped. 

  • I have cloth diapered and used ‘sposies.

  • I have recovered from tearing and an emergency c-section.

  • I have had postpartum depression.


I am fully vaccinated and boosted and will wear a KN95 mask when with your family.


I encourage vaccination in all my clients. ACOG's recent statement regarding vaccination of pregnant people is here.

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